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Vintage Nintendo Virtual Boy Vintage Video Game VINTAGE VIDEO GAME CONSOLES

Vintage Nintendo Virtual Boy Vintage Video Game VINTAGE VIDEO GAME CONSOLES
Vintage Nintendo Virtual Boy Vintage Video Game VINTAGE VIDEO GAME CONSOLES
Vintage Nintendo Virtual Boy Vintage Video Game VINTAGE VIDEO GAME CONSOLES
Vintage Nintendo Virtual Boy Vintage Video Game VINTAGE VIDEO GAME CONSOLES

Vintage Nintendo Virtual Boy Vintage Video Game VINTAGE VIDEO GAME CONSOLES

Hey guys make me an offer i love negotiation prices... Please make your offer worthy of the product you are attempting to offer on! Tootles and have a great time! Vintage Nintendo Virtual Boy Vintage Video Game.

ITEM HAS NO WIRES JUST VIRTUAL BOY has nothing else but what you see in photo, there is no wires, no extras etc. The item was tested and DOES work however has some minor issues with one of the lens which is a common issue for this item. With that being said, I cannot guarantee the working condition of this item other than what I was told by the expert... The upside is that the construction of the virtual boy is in great condition great collectors item. We are a small mom and pop thrift center closed to the public.

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Create a chain of humanity that can bring the devils soldier to their knees folks make life worth living and command its goodness! TERMS & CONDITION OF SALES. They all follow this condition no matter the status posted. Please review photos for any and all damage and all items are assumed to have the possibility of odor, wear and tear, gently used wear and tear, knicks, scuffs, scratches etc.

We do write them, however it can happen that something is missed check photos, and if not this clause covers all possibilities. When an item is used you assume the worst that it can also have color issues, seam issues, and discolorations, As a retailer, we are a direct sale of used or vintage and antique items and all our sales are final. Means that, its new, never worn, does not have tags but it does NOT mean it was never washed. If we state an item is a certain way please bank on it, we take pride in our products. Some call it great some call it junk we call it INVENTORY and we would like to advertise it to the best of our ability. Folks, we stand behind all our products, we do NOT EVER sell fake products we know where all our products come from and if we are unsure we take them to an authenticator to cover our own butts. We will not accept return. EVEN IF THE SYSTEM CHARGES YOU FREE, YOUR ORDER WILL BE ADJUSTED. Damage can occur because the boxes get thrown around and are on the trucks longer than we would like. Please realize this is NOT our fault. Damage done to items must be displayed with photos. Photos must be fore prior to opening box, and then damaged UNOPENED product. Mandatory, no pics no ability to resolve.

IT IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL; in addition, the scans are sometimes delayed due to drivers being lazy or they are understaffed. Also, sometimes scanners are delayed in update. So please note, if you see your label is printed, and its more than 3 days since print just drop us a line, we will definitely look into it. Must go to the person that is purchasing the item. Sizing is measured with measuring tape however it is APPROXIMATE and never exact.

It all depends who is measuring it and how and with what type of tape and from what angle. Therefore, measuring can be glitchy here and there. Usually not but its still a possibility.

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  • Release Year: 1995
  • Region Code: NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)
  • Rating: E-Everyone
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Platform: Nintendo Game Boy
  • Game Name: VIRTUAL BOY

Vintage Nintendo Virtual Boy Vintage Video Game VINTAGE VIDEO GAME CONSOLES